Ultimately, the methodology used to implement a project will greatly determine the probability of its success. Nothing is more true when it comes to Collaboration and Portal projects.

Implementing an effective project requires a detailed methodology for interviewing users, mapping workflow, assessing cultural obstacles and cross-department data collection. A solid methodology directs everything from examining business and operational objectives to information usage across a variety of different audiences and business processes. Missing key Information Architecture components can mean the difference between an effective system and one that users learn to bypass.

i-Squared’s methodology works because it has been developed from real world, Enterprise Content Management experience, and two decades of documenting how information is important to an organization; how it is created (or needs to be), how it flows through business processes, and how it is used by internal and external audiences to support the organization’s overall business goals. Ultimately, it is i-Squared’s methodology that will increases your probability of success.

The graphic below outlines a multi-step process from Discovery through Maintenance, with Communication and Governance applied throughout. In this example, the focus is on the Information Architecture issues - not technical ones.

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