Easily Retrievable Customer Information = World Class Customer Support

November 18, 2016


Intertech Security implements physical security solutions for their customers. One customer may have one or more physical sites. Each physical site may have one or more buildings and buildings may have multiple floors. Security systems are installed, maintained, upgraded, and replaced and each of these actions is represented by a job. For each job, the information captured in files includes proposals, contracts, specifications, drawings, pictures, product orders, and more.



Intertech Security has high expectations for providing excellent customer service, but they weren’t always delivering. Employees were wasting their time trying to find the most recent information regarding their customer jobs, which caused slow response times to customer service inquiries and potentially, access to incorrect information.


All files for each job were stored on a shared network drive. The network drive contained nested folders that identified job status (Pending/Active/Closed), customer name, and job number. Many employees of differing roles added, updated, and moved the files between the folders.


Documents were often shared as e-mail message attachments and updates to the documents weren’t tracked. Most often, having the assurance that the document in the shared folder was the most current was meager at best. Finding the document needed required searching folders, opening files, and discussions with others who might have edited files, because it was often not known who modified the file last.


System implementers in the field were required to download files to their laptops prior to going to the customer site and often sent updated document back to the home office as e-mail message or text message attachments, requiring someone in the home office to extract and upload the files to the correct location.



To resolve these issues, i-Squared designed and built a Project Management site using SharePoint Foundation. Within the Project Management site, individual customer-focused sites were implemented to store job files. Now, all information related to all jobs for each customer is co-located in a unique repository. Each customer site provides visibility to individual job statuses and the customer’s physical site location. To ensure multiple editors do not overwrite important file changes, job files stored in document libraries require check-in and check-out for file access. Versioning of files is enabled to provide a history trail. The document libraries feature rich metadata allowing files to be filtered by job, by status, by location, and so on, allowing quick access to job files.


Employees access the sites over the Internet from any location. Access permissions are based upon their role, which provides the security for confidential information while allowing availability of non-confidential job data to all. Now Intertech Security has at-a-glance customer job information and confidence that the information related to the jobs is accurate.


Business Value Derived
  • Single, one-stop, location for customer-related information

  • Secure anytime access to customer job files.

  • Confidence that most recent job information is available.

  • Improved collaboration between employees of differing roles.

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