Consistent Document Repository & Dashboard = Fast Track to Subtantial Completion

November 18, 2016


Walsh/Granite JV, a joint venture team comprised of Walsh Construction, Granite Construction, HDR, Inc., and TRC Engineers, Inc, is the prime contracting group for the PA P3 Rapid Bridge Replacement Project. The project's goal is to replace 558 aging bridges throughout the State of Pennsylvania. These new bridges provide motorists with safer and more modern structures, while also allowing the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to remove those bridges from its list of structurally deficient bridges. To execute the project, Walsh/Granite JV provided funding and oversight for the entire construction project, including managing dozens of subcontractors who performed the actual construction work.



To receive payment from PennDOT for bridges that have been constructed, Walsh/Granite JV was required to submit a set of documents for each bridge built to prove that substantial completion had been achieved. Walsh/Granite JV knew what documents were required for each bridge, but on a project of this scale and with so many parties involved, it was challenging to efficiently manage every required document and determine where delays had occurred.  Walsh needed a solution that quickly allowed them to pick a bridge project, see which documents were or weren't available, and determine how far it was from reaching substantial completion.



i-Squared worked with Walsh/Granite JV to implement a best-practice dashboard for managing the construction document submission processes. The template site initially used to manage bridge documentation was adequate for storing documents, but did not provide visibility into the availability of the required documents or the progress of the individual bridge construction project. i-Squared examined the template site and redesigned it, while also implementing the new dashboard, to meet Walsh/Granite JV's requirements.


A tabbed dashboard was created, showing the documents required for each construction phase, which included a status tab that counted the number of documents received and outstanding. i-Squared attached a progress bar to the dashboard to show when each deliverable goal per phase is reached for that bridge. Workflows were added to guide documents through the submission and approval processes, simplifying collaboration between the joint venture team members and bridge project managers. Finally, the left navigation was restructured to organize links to document libraries based on construction phase order.


The redesigned dashboard-equipped site was used as a base to build one site template for each bridge type being reconstructed. While the templates differ to reflect the bridge types they represent and the bridge building approach, the site layout is identical. This consistency makes it easy for all users to interact with any bridge site and still know what needs to be done to move the bridge project toward substantial completion.


Business Value Derived
  • Improved turnaround time for repayment from PennDOT and avoidance of penalties.

  • Real-time visibility of progress to completion across all phases of a construction project.

  • Ability to determine and resolve bottlenecks in the process.

  • Consistency, organization, and ease of use for all participants in the Rapid Bridge Replacement Project.

  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs

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