i-Squared announces SiteSprout™, a framework for jump starting your business with Microsoft SharePoint

October 17, 2012

SiteSprout jump starts a business’ use of Microsoft SharePoint by providing a set of twelve pre-designed modules--each representing a business activity, such as benefits management or IT management and including storage areas for letters, forms, presentations, spreadsheets, invoices, and so much more.


SiteSprout encourages increased productivity in the work place. As employees are trained and begin to use SiteSprout for their daily activities, business owners can focus on growing the business instead of fixing business problems. In addition, because SiteSprout is installed in an Office 365 environment, the company’s IT costs are reduced and their SharePoint product support is increased.


"We find that companies install SharePoint and then don’t know how to use it effectively to support their business processes”, said Joyce Query, CEO of i-Squared. "SiteSprout alleviates this problem by providing established work areas designed to support standard business activities. And, often, IT support personnel have not been trained to support SharePoint in their environment. Using SiteSprout in the Microsoft Cloud allows Microsoft to do all the heavy lifting—keeping software updated, servers patched, and critical business data backed up.”


Early adopters of SiteSprout will also receive SiteTrainer, a training module containing 40+ instructional videos intended to help employees learn to use SharePoint during hours convenient for them.

For more information about SiteSprout, call 412-321-8214.


About i-Squared

i-Squared is an Information Technology consulting company specializing in helping organizations effectively implement portal and collaboration technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint. We help clients understand how information, and the ways they manage it, can positively impact their business to meet evolving markets and achieve corporate objectives.


Our principal focus and expertise – and what drives our client’s success – is not technology, but the CONTENT itself: its quality and viability; how to structure, index, and catalog it; and how to best engage people, processes, and portals in putting it to use.


For more information about i-Squared and its capabilities, visit www.i-squared.us or call 412-321-8214.

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