Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Microsoft Office 365 makes cloud computing affordable and provides anywhere, anytime access to your corporate information. All you need is an Internet connection. Depending on the Office 365 package you choose, you will have access to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, Office web apps, and more.

Your information is secure and protected from outside threats with anti-malware and anti-spamming software and is guaranteed to be available to you with little to no down time.

We can help you to become a licensed user of Office 365 in no time. And you will begin to save money on server maintenance and software upgrades while allowing your users on-the-go access to their files either at their desk or on the road.

Bundle our SiteSprout product with your new installation and have a complete "Intranet in a box" to jumpstart the management of your company's assets.

SharePoint Consulting

Do it right the first time... Let us help you avoid common mistakes.

​The effectiveness of Microsoft's SharePoint platform depends largely on the design of its two main architectures: Technical Architecture (Server farms, network capabilities, security, licensing, etc.) and Information Architecture (strategy, governance rules, taxonomies, data and process priorities, etc.).

i-Squared provides a proven methodology for structuring the Information Architecture elements of SharePoint. A solid Information Architecture ensures that the different Users and User groups can access as much SharePoint functionality as possible and that broad organizational business value can be gained from the tool. Through our relationship with Direct Cloud Service Partners, we are also able to offer expertise in Technical Architecture.


Our Information Architecture services include:

  • SharePoint Strategy

  • Information Architecture assessments and design

  • SharePoint Web Site, Extranet, and Intranet development and support

  • SharePoint workflow design and implementation

  • Document Management strategies

  • Search optimization

Our Technical Architecture services include:


  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • Microsoft Azure

  • All of Office 365

  • Managed services

  • ...and much more.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management is the practice of how to best manage business content across an organization to facilitate business efficiencies.

Whether that information takes the form of text, documents, presentations, forms, or web content, it will be engaged by numerous people and processes throughout its lifecycle, from creation to archival. ECM is simply the most strategic, practical, and reliable way to get the most return on investment from all of these assets.

Using our Wise Content Methodology, we can help implement or improve Enterprise Content Management in your organization along all or any stage of the process:

  • Strategy – aligning your information practices to business goals

  • Content – understanding what it is, where it is, and how you use it

  • Tools – analyzing and maximizing the utility of existing systems and filling gaps where needed

  • Adoption and Best Practices – creating real change through people and process

SharePoint Assessment

How well does your organization collaborate? How healthy is your existing portal? Is your Information Structure designed to scale and adapt to an acquisition or a new line of business? Are you ready to move to a new version of SharePoint and want to be sure you don’t replicate the same problems you encountered in the past?

SharePoint Report Card

An i-Squared SharePoint Report Card analysis evaluates the Information Architecture component of SharePoint. We provide a SharePoint report card to measure and rate success factors, including budget vs. objectives, adherence to strategy, cross-department governance, content structure, taxonomy and metadata design, and many other factors. Two versions of the report card are delivered: a graphical based Executive summary, and a detailed report that identifies strengths, weaknesses and recommendations. The report provides a baseline for improving a current SharePoint portal or it can serve as a blueprint for implementing a new SharePoint version or a next generation portal.

Original Content Development

Many organizations, even well-established ones, need help describing what they do, or how and why they do it. This includes business objectives, product and service offerings, and operating procedures.

The fact is, it’s a challenging proposition under any circumstance – and especially difficult if the proper time, attention, managerial support, and communications expertise hasn’t been committed. Very often, a dedicated, neutral party can complete the effort more efficiently, accurately, and economically than internal resources.

By applying our extensive research and communications experience in conjunction with Intelligent Enterprise Content Management, we can complete or consult on Original Content Development in numerous ways, including:

  • identify and tailor content for various audiences, including the public, internal stakeholders, business partners, shareholders, and regulators

  • analyze and create corporate policies and procedures for compliance, legal, financial, workflow, IT, and governance applications

  • develop user manuals, on-line help, training modules, specifications, or customer support materials for products and services

  • research and write broad organizational communications such as corporate web sites, annual reports, and book-length or other extensive publishing projects

  • facilitate content language translation for global market expansion

  • work completely independently, or as part of an established in-house team either on- or off-site

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