Eliminate scrolling and clean up your web parts with SiteSprout Tabs! Our specialized web part replaces traditional stacks of web parts on pages with a tabbed user interface. SiteSprout Tabs can overlay over a dozen web parts in a single space, f​eatures customizable styles, and is fully compatible with both on-premise or Office 365 versions of SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Stop stacking your web parts and start tabbing!

SiteSprout Tabs

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  • Stop Scrolling, Save Space:

    SiteSprout Tabs overlays all of a page’s web parts into a compact space. Your content is all available, while also fitting your screen, no scrolling required.


    Configurable Branding:

    Tweak the appearance of each SiteSprout Tabs web part to match your company’s branding, providing a visually seamless fit in your intranet.


    Easy to Install:

    Simply install the web part on a site, then add it to as many pages as necessary. Each instance of the web part can be set up quickly and easily


    Intuitive and Secure:

    Web parts consolidated by SiteSprout Tabs retain any audience-targeting settings, and remain concealed from users without the proper permission.


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